Black Leaf Bong Spear Review

Black Leaf Bong Spear Review

Smokebit says: A fantastic bong downpipe with a wickedly sharp end to stab bottles with, letting you quickly make a bong out of any bottle.

I must admit, it has been a while since I tried to actually make a bong, but I have very fond memories of my misspent youth, in somebodies kitchen at a party trying to make a bong out of a coke can, empty bottles and Bic pens, or something ridiculous like an apple (actually works).

If one us had the Black Leaf Bong Spear back then, it would have saved us a hell of a lot of trouble and its the reason I love this bong spear, its a fantastically well made aluminium bong down-pipe, with a ferociously sharp end for stabbing into a bottle to make the hole and it works brilliantly too, I had a lot of fun stabbing bottles with this thing and making bongs again for the first time in a decade.

Doesn't matter that nowadays I can afford beautiful bong glassware, I have a lot of nostalgic love for the bong spear, even though I only just realised that it exists and I fell in love with this product, even though I will probably never use it again.

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Anyway, onto the review itself!

After hearing that you guys would rather see a pretty girl than me, I have enlisted the help of the lovely Sandra to model this piece whilst I review it, I am sure you agree it makes for a much better video.

Concept Review | 10/10

As a concept, this Black Leaf Bong Spear is a fantastic idea, clearly somebody else out there has been in the same situations as I have in my youth, at a party with a bag of weed but no bong and they came up with this. I have to give it a ten out of ten, its innovative because I have never seen a product like it, or meant for this purpose and also because it works so beautifully well.

Design Review | 10/10

The Black Leaf Bong Spear is beautifully designed and made from high quality aluminium parts that have been nicely made and well thought out. Its obvious that whoever designed this loves bongs and knows hat a good bong downpipe should be like, you can tell from the small touches, the holes in the stem allowing a clear pathway out for the smoke, the beautifully machined bowl which is generous enough to accommodate either marijuana weed mix, or the traditional tobacco and cannabis resin mix without needing an additional filter. Even better, the whole unit unscrews on threads for easy disassembly and cleaning, its easy to look after this bong down-pipe and carry it around discreetly.

Operational Review | 10/10

The bong spear again gets a ten out of ten in my operational review, because it works wonderfully well and does exactly what is says on the tin, turns any bottle into a bong. I tried a whole bunch of different bottles, getting massively stoned in the process and realising that with this thing in my pocket, I would be the star of any part I went to from now on (assuming its a party where people smoke bongs). Works brilliantly!

Final Review Score | 10/10

This is a top notch product, one I wish I had growing up and the best bit about it is the amazing price point, I paid something like twelve US Dollars for this in the smoke shop that I bought it in and the most expensive I seen this online for is fifteen Euros, so its cheap enough to make a great present for a friend and its a good enough product for them to be really happy with it. My only real complaint is the crappy plastic packaging it came in, I tend to like well branded and beautifully packaged products, for sure this cannabis bong down-pipe is nicely branded with a logo on the stem, but it came in a super cheap and nasty plastic box, I felt they could have done better, despite this I still give the Black Lead Bong Spear a ten out of ten across the board.

WHERE TO BUY: I struggled to find this product online for sale, but the manufacturer has a website over at and they seem to be closely associated with a distributor called Near Dark who distributes the bing spear over at but does not seem to sell these, because they have no prices.

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