Budleaf Grinder Review

Budleaf Grinder Review

Smokebit says: A huge palm-sized grinder for easily grinding lots of weed.

This grinder is huge, its as big as the palm of your hand and one of the widest grinders I have come across, Budleaf stuck to a common grinder design, but made it massive !

Grinder designs have pretty much stated the same for as long as I can remember and with the exception of some very innovative grinder designs, every grinder you see is going to work in almost the same way, this large Budleaf grinder is no exception.

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Anyway, onto the review itself!

Joining me to model this piece is Sandra, because lets be honest, you would rather look at her than me :)

Concept Review | 7/10

The Budleaf grinder concept is nothing new and doesn't particularly add anything to advance grinder design, you simply take a standard grinder design and make it very wide. As it happens, the large size does make for a decent grind and you can fit a relatively large amount of weed in the grinder at the same time.

Design Review | 7/10

The Budleaf grinder design is pretty much the same as you would see anywhere else. but its really wide for a grinder and this makes it almost difficult to hold in your hand. Because the grinder is not really that tall and because the grips around the edge of the grinder are really not that pronounced, it makes it difficult to get a really good grip when grinding. The should have made the exterior grips easier to gain hold of, it would make for an easier grind, but as it stands the size of this grinder makes grinding reasonably effortless.

Operational Review | 7/10

This grinder works well, its so big that anything you put in it gets chewed up with relatively little force, the grinder is so large in your hands that it feels substantial when using it. You can get some proper torque on the grind because of this, even though the edge grips are not as pronounced as they should be, grinding is effortless because of the size of the Budleaf grinder.

Final Review Score | 7/10

This is a good grinder, I wish it was a little taller, but other than that its a nice grinder that feels like a quality product and is well made. It doesn't score very highly because it doesn't really do anything to advance grinder design in any way, except make it larger. I prefer to use my favourite grinder so far instead of this one.

If you come across this grinder at a reasonable price, its worth buying if you don't have anything better.

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