Budlocker : The Smokers Lockbox

Budlocker : The Smokers Lockbox

After almost two years of deliberation, hard work, competitive analysis and thinking through every single little detail, I am very proud to announce the Budlocker, an innovative new kind of lockbox that I specifically designed for medical marijuana smokers.

The Budlocker is the worlds first smell proof lockbox with a removable rolling tray lid, designed to keep your medical marijuana, cannabis and paraphernalia locked away from children and opportunists. The budlocker is the box I want for myself, as you can tell from this website I have bought a lot of different smokers boxes over the years and none of them have really met my expectations, so I decided to make my own.

Why did I create the Budlocker?

You can read some of my reviews of competitive boxes from the market leader here and here, you will see that in general (even if I give it a good review) the boxes are cheaply made and use cheap components, none of these boxes lasts long under heavy use and for their price points you really would expect much more quality in what is effectively just a box.

After looking over at my boss and seeing the beautiful box on his desk that he keeps his cigars in and seeing the vast range of beautifully made and designed cigar humidors on the markets, I realised that we in the marijuana industry have been shortchanged, I wanted better than what the market had to offer not just for myself, but also for all of you and that is the story of how the Budlocker was born, with the realization we were being shortchanged.

An affordable smokers lockbox for everyone.

The Budlocker was never meant to be a luxury product, it is a product meant to deliver good quality at an affordable price point and while we do have luxury models planned, the first iterations of the Budlocker are going to be proved around the $100 USD mark and aimed at anyone who needs to keep their marijuana locked away from children.

If you have baby nieces and a sister who visit you frequently because they live so closely like I do, you soon appreciate the need to keep your marijuana safely tucked away from little fingers and the thieving fingers of your siblings, friends, girlfriend and everyone who wants to smoke your weed when you aren't around. With recreational marijuana laws being passed in California and other places, what the market needs right now is a well made and well designed box, one that locks and doesn't let the stinky smells escape, thats the minimum I need from a good box, the removable rolling tray lid to keep you tidy when you roll is really convenient if you are messy like I am.

We designed this box to be simple, easy to make and for the everyman, because in the end we realised that what smokers really need is a box that just works and so we took the LED's and magnetic locks out of the initial designs to simplify it for production.

Killer Features & USP's

We have some killer features on the Budlocker that you will not see in any other box that we are really excited about, I list them all below and provisional patents on this design have been filed with the USPTO under 35 U.S.C. §111(b).

GunLock | A chunky combination lock with a gun safety release modelled on the AK47 assault rifle. When you open this box and disengage the lock, I wanted it to feel like you were taking the safety off a machine gun, the same satisfying metal click as the lock disengages.

StinkSeal | A rubber seal to keep those stinks in the box. My weed stinks and hen I lock it up, I don't just want to secure it, I also want the smells to stay in the box so they cannot be detected by anyone else and to this end, we designed a fitted rubber seal around the rim of the box to seal the box air tight when its locked, keeping smells in. We are currently test different kinds of rubber to get the seal right.

SlipHinges | Reinforced hinges designed for heavy use. As you can see from my video reviews of competitive boxes, I have never liked the hinges that come on most of the smokers boxes available on the market today, they tend to be flimsy and fall apart with prolonged use. Because the budlocker lid slides off, we needed our hinges to be solid, chunky and reinforced on the box, designed to last a lifetime.

​LidTray | The lid of the box detaches and doubles as a rolling tray. The cleverest part of the box is its lid which slides off to double as a rolling tray, if you are messy when you roll up like I am, then you will really appreciate having a convenient tray to keep that mess contained. We designed grooves into the lid to hold your rolling paper while you fill it and different compartments to keep you organised on the tray.

Our IndieGoGo Campaign

We just launched our IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the development of the Budlocker, so if you like the idea of the budlocker and want to help us make it, please head over there and check out our IndieGogo Campaign Page, even if you are not able to back us we would love and appreciate your feedback and we are forming an Advisory Group for this purpose.


Thank you for reading! Please do share this article if you can and if you have the time, head on over to our new website. As always, if you have any questions, comments of criticisms I would love to hear them int he comments section below.



Smokebit is the secret stoner alter ego of an international business executive. By day he hustles in the corporate rat race, at night he champions marijuana paraphernalia, culture and legalization.

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