Finger Grinder Review

Finger Grinder Review

Smokebit says "Cheap, cheerful and colorful, but nothing more than a gimmick".

When I was poking around Genova one weekend, I cane across a large and dusty smoke shop contained within a medieval building. I went in too poke around as I normally do and end up in conversation with the owner about grinder innovation. After talking for five minutes, he suddenly remembered something and proudly pulled a brand new Finger Grinder out from behind a shelf with a smile that said 'you have never seen one of these before'.

I hadn't either, the Finger Grinder is the strangest grinder I have ever seen and colorful too.

The Finger Grinder was immediately interesting to me because it was a grinder concept I had not really seen before and I like being exposed to new concepts. Its branded with a logo, but disappointingly there was no real website behind the domain and no story behind its crazy design and different approach to grinding weed.

The smoke shop owner explained how it was used, you basically pop your weed into the tube and then stick your finger in one end to twist it, apply pressure and grind the weed. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that one ginger is just never going to provide enough pressure to grind my weed without hurting my finger and bought one to put my theory to the test.

I eventually got home from my Italian adventure and remembered I had it, so here is the review in case you are ever on the fence about buying one. I used it a fair few times to grind my weed, but only filmed it the first time.

Design Review | 8/10

The Finger Grinder is a really cute looking grinder, its very colorful, well branded and it has a very unique design that I have never seen before. The Finger Grinder is made of plastic, but its very well made and well thought out design, somebody put a lot of thought into the design of this grinder and it shows. Finally it is nicely branded with a logo, always a welcome design touch as you see so many generic grinders everywhere.

Concept Review | 3/10

The Finger Grinder is an interesting concept for sure and almost certainly a very novel grinder concept, but its not exactly the most effective grinder design. It felt like whoever invented it set out to create a gimmick, rather than a grinder that is effective at its primary task, which is a shame because if this concept was reworked and a metal version was launched, I believe that it would work as a functional concept as long as you replaced the finger power drive with a proper screw system. But then I guess it would just be another grinder...

Operational Review | 3/10

Operationally this is not a grinder you want to be using on a regular basis, grinding weed in the Finger Grinder for any period of time makes your finger hurt, then you have to start changing fingers and it becomes uncomfortable to grind in a very short space of time. I think if all you ever used with this grinder was bone dry weed that crumbled to the touch, this grinder would work just fine, but with the little plastic 'grinding dimples' it has, its not grinding anything but the driest and dustiest of marijuana buds very easily.

Final Review | 3/10

Those little plastic 'grinding dimples' barely ground anything properly, even if it did manage to fill its little compartment, the Finger grinder just doesn't allow you to apply enough torque with your finger and doesn't contain sharp enough teeth to grind your weed properly, instead it contents itself with ineffectively massaging your weed into smaller pieces until its compartment is full, but I would not consider the marijuana in that compartment to be properly ground. I could have picked apart my weed more effectively with my fingernails in less time.

A cute looking an interesting grinder based on a very novel grinder concept, but ultimately a gimmick and not at all effective at grinding your marijuana unless you use very dry weed that would crumble to the touch, in which case you would need this grinder.

My weed was was properly cured and the finger grinder struggled to grind it, it felt like I was just mushing the weed around in the tube and my finger hurt by the time I had finished grinding the buds I had put into it.

If you did want to buy the Finger Grinder, head over to the manufacturers website, but be warned as its all in French !



Smokebit is the secret stoner alter ego of an international business executive. By day he hustles in the corporate rat race, at night he champions marijuana paraphernalia, culture and legalization.

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