Jilter One-Hit Pipe Review

Jilter One-Hit Pipe Review

Smokebit says: A fantastic one-hit pipe with a strong, smooth toke.

The Jilter Pipe is easily the best one-hit pipe I have ever bought and thanks to its clever internal filter system, it delivers a very smooth and strong toke, this is easily my favourite one-hit pipe.

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Anyway, onto the review itself!

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Concept Review | 10/10

The Jilter Pipe concept is brilliant, you see lots of these one-hit pipes around, but none of them have an internal filter system as smart as the Jilter Pipe, it takes all the harshness out of the hit and makes the toke very smooth and cough free. This design concept is one that drives one-hit pipe innovation with its proprietary filter system and it is easily the nicest smoking one-hit pipe that I have ever used.

Design Review | 10/10

The Jilter Pipe is nicely designed out of mostly aluminium parts and its nicely branded with the Jilter logo on the side of the pipe. The bowl completely unscrews to allow for easy cleaning of the chamber, this pipe does tend to get gunky quite quickly after 4-5 uses. The proprietary filter design is ingenious and the custom filters have a little lip on them that let you slide the filters onto the mouthpiece end, it holds the filter nice and snugly in place for sliding into the main body of the pipe. This is a well thought out design that works brilliantly, but why tweezers?

Operational Review | 10/10

I just love smoking this pipe, the bowl fits a nice amount of weed, just enough to hit in one pull and it delivers a really smooth smoke, each and every time. You need to change the filter after 5-7 hits of the pipe or it starts to taste funky and after about the same amount of uses, you need to clean the pipe as it can get a bit gunky. Keep your pipes clean people, nobody likes a dirty one!

Final Review Score | 10/10

This is a great pipe, its my favourite pipe and easily the best one-hit wonder I have ever come across, primarily because of the internal filter system. I was tempted to say that they could have made the filters standard rather than proprietary which locks you into buying only their filters, but I understand why they went with a custom design for this pipe and it works wonderfully.

If you come across the Jilter Pipe at a reasonable price, its worth buying if you don't have anything better.

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