Quick Grinder Review

Quick Grinder Review

Smokebit says "A fantastic grinder, one that is beautifully designed, nicely engineered and genuinely innovative in a useful way".

Its not often that I fall in love with a grinder, but when I first laid eyes upon the (original) Quick Grinder, it was love at first sight. The Quick Grinder is easily the best grinder I have ever owned and being somebody who really appreciates innovation, I absolutely love the unique features of this grinder, you can tell that a talented engineer designed this product, it breathes quality and precision in its design and build.

My only criticism of this Quick Grinder, is that its a bit too small even if it is perfect for traveling and it does fit snugly into my smokers box or into my pocket, I would still prefer a larger version of the same grinder.

I heartily recommend this product, its fairly priced, beautifully made, well designed and demonstrates real innovation in its overall approach to being a grinder.

If you buy this product, you will not regret it and it will probably become your favorite grinder too, I have my eye out for the larger version they say is coming.

Design Review | 10/10

The Quick Grinder is beautifully designed, you can tell that the design and engineering team behind this product had talent, because the end product is both beautiful and highly functional. The best design point for me is the hexagonal shape of the top and bottom of the grinder, it makes for a really effective grip when grinding and in small grinders, this is absolutely essential.

With two key design innovations in the form of the Quick Grinder's ejection system and closing joint, this grinder really does advance the boring old grinder model that we have all seen before, this is genuine design innovation that you do not see much.

The first key innovation is in the way the closing joint of the grinder is designed. They clearly set out to solve the problem of aluminum grinding against aluminum and all of the gunk that gets caught up and ground into the closing joint over time as you use the grinder, making it increasingly difficult to grind as the grinder gets older.

They actually have solved this problem with a hardwearing polytene ring that sits around the bottom half of the grinders closing joint and acts as an 'anti friction' later that really does work.

Their second key innovation lies in the Quick Grinder's 'ejection system' which is designed to empty the grinding chamber of the freshly ground marijuana after you are done grinding it. both side of the grinder have two discreet buttons that you press to make a little plate pop out from the bottom of the chamber that pushed the weed out of the grinder.

No more clacking two bits of grinder together in order to properly empty it !

The 'ejection system' has been beautifully designed and works flawlessly, the pollen dust gathering underneath the ejector plates over time, accessed by a single screw.

Their 'anti friction' closing joint is genius too, all of my old aluminum grinders have got gunk around the points of the grinder where both sides touch, making it really hard to grind, its also really hard to clean that gunk off.

Concept Review | 10/10

The Quick Grinder takes the concept of the grinder outside and beats the shit out of it. The design team behind the quick grinder have evolved the grinder concept into something that is much more functional, utilitarian and easier to use, genuine grinder innovation.

You do not see this kind of innovation in marijuana paraphernalia much, so I personally am really impressed by the Quick Grinder concept and their successful weed grinder innovation.

The designers clearly took a long hard look at the problems with existing grinder design, their experiences grinding weed over a long period of time and distilled their best ideas into the Quick Grinder, its a fantastic grinder concept and it works.

Operational Review | 9/10

After giving the Quick Grinder 10 out of ten everywhere else, I felt I did have to criticize it at least a little and my only criticism is that its too small and I think they need to launch a larger size, this one feels tiny in my hands.

Other than its small size, the grinder works flawlessly, the pins grind your marijuana perfectly and the ejector system pushes the weed cleanly out of the chamber when you are finished grinding, it works beautifully.

Final Review Score | 10/10

Its a beautiful made grinder, you can feel the quality in its build and the huge amount of thought that has gone into every single little aspect of the Quick Grinder. Somewhere, somebody obsessed over this grinder for a long time before finally releasing it and is shows.

I am going to track down the creators of the Quick Grinder for an interview and will post it if I manage to !

You can buy the Quick Grinder directly from the manufacturers on their website here.



Smokebit is the secret stoner alter ego of an international business executive. By day he hustles in the corporate rat race, at night he champions marijuana paraphernalia, culture and legalization.

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