Raw Super Shredder Review

Raw Super Shredder Review

Smokebit says "A nicely designed premium grinder that 'shreds' hopelessly rather than grinds effectively".

I picked up this Raw Super Shredder a while back from a smoke shop in LA, it has an interesting blade design, was made by top shelf smokers brand Raw and effectively a luxury grinder, I just had to buy it and put it to the test. Raw clearly wanted this to be positioned as a premium grinder judging from the price I paid for it (its not a cheap grinder) and the packaging and marketing messages, its also made from aircraft grade aluminum and is presented as a innovation in grinding.

What got me really curious was their claim that this isn't actually a grinder, but a shredder.

The Raw Super Shredder is designed to 'shred and fluff' your marijuana rather than grind it and of course I have never had my weed fluffed before so I wanted to try it out, hoping that it lived up to its marketing claims.

After spending quite a lot of money on what effectively its a small pocket sized grinder, I was really hoping that it was going to be something special, find out in my Raw Super Shredder review below exactly what I thought of this grinder.

Design Review | 7/10

The Super Shredder is a very nicely designed grinder, it just looks and feels like a premium grinder and the obvious design only adds that feeling. Laser etched with the Raw logo, the Super Shredder is beautifully branded and it has some really nice looking laser etched dimples all the way around the edges of the grinder for grip. Design wise, this is clearly a top shelf grinder and looks the part.

Concept Review | 3/10

The Super Shredder concept of 'fluffing and shredding' your weed is a brilliant example of innovation for marketing differentiations sake, they didn't actually set out to do anything innovative here, more differentiate their product from the others in the market by giving it a revolutionary mix of metal pins and diamond grind points inside. It is not altogether clear how much thought went into this grinding concept, but you just know marketer came up with the idea to innovate and tell people that it 'fluffs and shreds' rather than an engineer.

Operational Review | 1/10

The operation of this grinder is difficult to say the least, the laser etched grooves around the edge provide barely any grip at all and the grinder is far too small to be easy to turn both side of the super shredder properly with two adult sized hands, its so small it fits neatly in the palm of your hand, but why is it so small? Its size really makes it a lot more difficult to grind, if those laser etched grip dimples were larger, you might have a better chance of a smoother grind, but as it stands its a tough and difficult grind throughout. Felt like the weed was being dragged around the metal pins and pulled apart by force rather than ground in any meaningful way.

My weed wasn't shredded, it totally wasn't fluffed up either and it definitely wasn't ground up either. I was left with big clumps of weed stuck in the grinder, big clumps of weed in my little pile of ground up weed that I had to pick apart with my fingers to put in a joint properly, totally defeating the purpose of me having a grinder in the first place. I was very disappointed with the final results.

Final Review Score | 2/10

A very nice looking and feeling grinder, pleasing to the touch with a very nice weight in the hand that totally lets you down the very first time that you use it and then every single time until you give it away. This grinder may look and feel good, but you are better off using a pair of rusty nailvlippers to grind your weed up, this grinder is hopeless with anything but the most bone dry weed you can find. For the price I was upset this was a bad grinder.

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