Space Case Scout Grinder Review

Space Case Scout Grinder Review

Smokebit says "A brilliant container and grinder mashup, perfect for securely carrying around your marijuana when you are mobile".

Today I am reviewing a very nice little product that I use a lot when I go to the beach, its a Space Case branded marijuana container, with a little convenience weed grinder built into the lid, for me its the perfect blend of form and functionality.

Before I owned the Space Case weed container & grinder, I used to carry my weed around in little baggies like most of us do, along with a separate grinder, but now I keep my weed in a smell and water proof container, one that is small enough to fit into my pocket, now I use the Space Case.

The Space Case is perfect for transporting your marijuana and providing you with a handy little grinder when you need one.

I can recommend this product as something I use on an almost daily basis, I like to carry around my weed and papers with me.

Concept Review | 8/10

As a concept, this Space Case container and grinder combo scores an eight for me, I love carrying my marijuana around in the Space Case and its so convenient having a grinder on you at all times, one that is built into the container and that does not have to be carried around as a second piece.

This is a great concept and works really well, although I wish it had a separate screw on cap in case I didn't want there to be a weed grinder on top for some reason, it would be a sweet little add on to the main product.

Design Review | 8/10

The Space Case container is beautifully designed, everything from the precision threading, the rubber washer around the seal head and the convenience grinder on top has been well thought out and well engineered.

The only design fault that I could find was in the magnet that is used to make the top of the grinder lid stick to the rest of the space case, its not very powerful and the lid of the grinder came off once in my bag, although I do realize that space is at a premium with this convenience grinder and it perhaps was not possible to use a bigger magnet.

Still, I would prefer a more powerful magnet on top of the grinder to make sure it is properly secured and that I do not lose it at some point and I would also really like a separate screw on cap.

Operational Review | 10/10

The convenience grinder, although small, actually works brilliantly because you have the whole space case to grip onto when grinding and it allows you to really get some torsion on the grind, resulting in (small quantities of) nicely ground weed.

I found it really easy to grind with this despite it being so small. The container itself is top notch, beautifully machined and branded, it keeps your marijuana dry and the smells from escaping the tube thanks to the waterproof rubber water seal on the seal head.

Final Review Score | 9/10

This is a good product, the only reason I didn't score it higher was because it is not particularly innovative and I have seen similar container & weed grinder mashups before, the Space Case container and grinder is easily the nicest implementation of the idea that I have seen though and its proven to be very useful when I am traveling.

The best recommendation I can give is to say buy this container, its a product I use a lot and I plan to buy the new models when released, probably in a larger size (IF they have an additional screw lid) too so that I have the option.

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Smokebit is the secret stoner alter ego of an international business executive. By day he hustles in the corporate rat race, at night he champions marijuana paraphernalia, culture and legalization.

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