Wolf Productions T2L Smokers Box Review

Wolf Productions T2L Smokers Box Review

Smokebit says "A nicely designed marijuana smokers box that looks good and sells at a decent price".

Wolf Productions have been around for a while now making boxes and you see at least one of their boxes on almost every smoke shop you walk into.

In general I have been unimpressed with almost all of them, they tend to be badly designed and poorly made out of low quality materials, so the T2L makes a nice change in that its clearly a higher quality box.

This is a well made box and apart from the cheap lock clasps they use to keep the box closed and the unintentional lid misalignment my box had, this box is easily my favorite from Wolf so far.

They clearly put more thought into this box than they usually do and have clearly refined their manufacturing process somewhat, it is clearly much better than their previous efforts.

I can recommend this product, its well priced, well made and serves me well for personal use.

Design Review | 6/10

The Wolf Productions T2L smokers box is a nicely designed box, unlike their previous boxes they ground down the edges of this model to conceal the hinges so they are not exposed and its a nice design touch, although mine did have a lid misalignment that meant the lid was out of line with the bottom half of the box which was a shame as it indicates bad quality control. Other than that its a nice box inside and out and is much better designed than their previous boxes, you can tell they have put more thought into evolving their designs.

Concept Review | 6/10

As a concept, the Wolf Productions T2L hits the mark, it does everything that you would expect from a smokers box and exactly what it says on the tin (figuratively speaking), its obvious a lot more thought went into this box concept than their previous efforts, this is easily the better of the boxes Wolf Productions produce. The only let down of this box was the lid misalignment and the cheap clasp lock.

Wolf T2L Operational Review | 7/10

After having this box and using it periodically for a few months now, I have no real complaints. If I had to complain about something, I would complain about its crappy lock, but apart from that this box works just fine and the T2L keeps your smoke bits all neatly tucked away in different compartments safe and secure (unless the lock pops open be cause its crappy).

Final Review Score | 7/10

A very nice looking and feeling box made from cheap parts, but at a great price point. This box represents a good purchase because its reasonably priced and is easily the best box that Wolf Productions have made (from what I have seen of their boxes). I use this box personally and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cost effective, yet decent box to keep their rolling papers, grinder and bits in.

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