Wolf Productions T3 Smokers Box Review

Wolf Productions T3 Smokers Box Review

Smokebit says "A badly designed box, made from cheap and nasty parts. Avoid at all costs".

This is one of the older Wolf Productions boxes that I had laying around, its their T3 model and I bought this so long ago I cannot remember where I bought it from, probably one of their countless distributors in a random smoke shop I came across somewhere once.

I see these Wolf Productions boxes everywhere and once upon a time I was in the market for a box and bought this one, I clearly wasn't thinking straight at the time because this box is terrible and am not sure what they were thinking when they designed this.

Its cheaply made out of plywood, with cheap hinges and a cheap clasp lock of the sort you find on cheap jewelry boxes, after owning and using this box for a long time I cannot recommend it in any way. I only reviewed it because I still see this model for sale in lots of places.

Whatever you do, don't buy this box. If you must buy a Wolf box then buy the Wolf T2L model I reviewed here.

Wolf T3 Design Review | 1/10

This Wolf Productions T3 model smokers box is poorly designed in almost every sense, from the ineffective rolling paper holder that fails to hold your rolling papers in place when the packet is half empty, through to the slidey out rolling tray thing, to the cheap and nasty lock and hinges and finally the actual cheap plywood material it is made out of is all terrible designed, cheap and nasty.

Wolf T3 Concept Review | 2/10

As a concept, the Wolf Productions T3 fails to act as a decent smokers box, it fails to keep the smaller smokers bits in its compartments and has a poorly thought out interior, I have no idea what they were thinking when they designed this box, but as a smokers box concept is bad.

Wolf T3 Operational Review | 2/10

After having this box for a long time now, I can safely say thats its operationally useless, unless it does nothing but sit on your desk and not move, but even then I still hate it and I am glad I no longer user it. If you need to carry your smokers bits and marijuana around with you in a self contained box, this box isn't it, don't try to carry all your stuff around in it as you will become quickly frustrated at its shortcomings.

Final Review Score | 2/10

This box is easily the worst branded smokers box I have ever come across and the only way the creators should not be ashamed of producing this is if it was made so long ago, that when they released it nothing else on the market came close and they were ahead of their time. I am inclined to believe this because Wolf Productions were amongst the first to make smokers boxes.

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